OpenNest is Redefining ROI


OpenNest doesn’t believe in corporate social responsibility (CSR), in its traditional format. The CSR model is old and outdated. Today, companies can do more than just being corporately responsible. They can also focus on having impact embedded and woven into the fabric of everything they do.  Impact and influence on the environment and humanity should be at the center of their business strategy. Brands have enormous power to develop solutions that improve the lives of their consumers, in existing and emerging markets. This new and evolved model combines moral responsibility with strategic planning to drive business forward. “Responsible and sustainable business is no longer a small niche industry. Rather, these markets have the potential to be the key drivers of business growth in the coming decades,” stated by the Global Opportunity Report 2018

Welcome to OpenNest and a new way to look at ROI...ROI X 3! 


In 2016, OpenNest was inspired by and created for these changing times, to meet and exceed expectations not only of brands, but also of their consumers. We integrate social change into a holistic brand view, with the belief that accounting for impact goes beyond short-term balance sheets and is among the most powerful long-term brand investments. 

Based on the 2015 Cone Communications/Ebiquity Global CSR Study : 

  • 91% of global consumers expect companies to do more than make a profit, but also to operate responsibly by addressing  social and environmental issues.
  • 90% of consumers would switch to a brand that is  associated with a social or environmental cause.

OpenNest Impact Campaigns
We’ve created festivals, content channels, conferences of global leaders, and media platforms at the highest level. We work with our clients to develop and measure digital campaigns, high profile events, effective sponsorship engagements, and a wide range of social impact initiatives.

Simply stated, we help companies effectively do good, and help them grow their brand and influence in the process. OpenNest brings a special expertise in ensuring companies’ social impact campaigns bring real change, and build an authentic voice that consumers crave.

  • We amplified the mission of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s global movement , to protect the basic human right to clean water, producing an event at Sundance Film Festival that curated a community of politicians, media and celebrities - building a growing petition database.
  • We scaled the vision of Summit, a unique series of global gatherings of change makers through strategic partnerships, curated content, and a robust technology platform.
  • We launched the Los Angeles Chargers NFL team into a new market, after 57 year tenure, with a community-first approach that drove social impact and leveraged new in-stadium technology.
  • We built a collective of ambassadors to launch Dosist, a first of its kind plant-based medicine, through powerful storytelling, events and brand partnerships. 
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OpenNest provides value far beyond traditional investment. We drive ROI x 3 - with clients seeing a return on investment, return on impact and return on influence. We’re eager to dive in and collaborate - driving impact and your bottom line. With access to our extensive network of thought leaders and visionaries, together we’ll build community, activate integrated marketing campaigns and enable positive social change not only for YOUR  brand, but also for OUR  world. 

Return on Investment.
Return on Impact.
Return on Influence. 

So simple, and so powerful. 

Words by Katie Kilbride & Harold Moss

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