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a cannabis venture studio


OpenNest is building the bridge between cannabis and culture with a diverse portfolio of early-stage startups. 

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Our Team


Tyler Wakstein

Tyler is a business development executive and creative director who is passionate about using business as a tool to drive positive social change. An active investor and advisor to many great companies including: Luce Farm, Calm, Seed, Bubble, 42 Birds, The Fund and High Times. Previously, he was a partner at Summit Series, a globally recognized event series for today’s brightest leaders. Tyler also sits on the board of Life is Good Kids Foundation.



Kris Bjornerud

Kris is an experienced executive and early-stage venture capitalist, having invested in approximately 100 companies with $1B in follow-on capital in the last eight years. Kris previously served as Managing Partner at Wavemaker Partners and COO of Amplify LA, 1 of the top 5 startup accelerators in the US.



Max Goldstein

Max is an operator who has held leadership positions in companies across emerging consumer technology, blockchain technology and cannabis. He previously worked for Google where managed a 90 person, 12-market partnerships team that integrated the company's products across the media, entertainment and sports industries.



Michael Kamins

Michael is an experienced culture marketer with expertise in building brands via non-traditional marketing channels. He previously led growth and partnerships at TikTok (previously called, the world’s most downloaded app in 2018 with nearly 1B downloads.



Dr. Jeff Chen

(Research Advisor)

Dr. Jeff Chen MD/MBA is a physician, researcher, and social entrepreneur. He is Founder and Executive Director of the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative, where he leads a team of over 40 interdisciplinary faculty drawn from 15 departments and 8 schools at UCLA, to conduct education and groundbreaking research into the effects of cannabis on society, including health, legal, economic, and social impact.



Ceres Group Holdings

(Founding Partner & Lead Investor)

Ceres is partnering with leading innovators to create value and drive growth in emerging industries. This will be done through the team comprised of some of the biggest players in the finance and entertainment industry.


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